Nichanan Kesonpat

Head of Platform


Nichanan Kesonpat is currently the head of platform at 1kx, where she conducts research and publishes content on the landscape of different web3 verticals and investment theses. She leads initiatives to drive innovation in the ecosystem such as Macro Hackathons, Codeless Conduct, and the Alliance Summit. Prior to 1kx, she was a smart contract engineer at Upstate Interactive and Nichanan studied Neuroscience and Psychology at UC Berkeley and began her career in the industry as a blockchain incubator program manager in Bangkok. Since then, she has been working on educating and onboarding people to crypto as a ConsenSys Academy Bootcamp mentor, Devcon Scholar, OnDeck Writers Fellow, KERNEL Fellow, and summoner at Meta Gamma Delta DAO, a grants DAO funding and supporting women-led projects in web3. Out of office, her resume is equally impressive. She enjoys bouldering, yoga, spicy ramen, and fantasy football (premier league).