Mel Quarto

Platform Analyst


Mel is a Platform Analyst at 1kx, and is deeply immersed in platform operations, event planning, and strategic communications. Before joining the team at 1kx, she served as Chief of Staff at pioneering web3 startup Yield guild Games (YGG), known for cultivating a community-focused ecosystem around web3 games. 

Her journey into the world of crypto began through an unconventional path during her tenure in the traditional Fine Art world, where she held key positions in Account Management and Exhibition Logistics. At the NY HQ of Sotheby’s, Mel orchestrated the complexities of consignment logistics, executed a global circuit of traveling exhibitions, and spearheaded multifaceted cross-functional projects ahead of marquee sales. These experiences navigating high-value transactions, at volume, through centralized intermediaries prompted her curiosity about other alternative systems, and ignited her interest in digital ownership and decentralized markets.