Ishan Verma

Research Engineer and Defi Developer


Ishan Verma is a research engineer and DeFi developer at 1kx. His research helps with everything from portfolio support, to on-chain liquidity provisions to strategies. Prior to joining 1kx, he was an engineering lead and employee number four for a 100+ person health tech startup in Boston. He has been highly active in crypto since 2017, and you might recognize him from the multiple ETHGlobal hackathons he’s participated in or won. As a multi-hyphenate, his interests in crypto range across DeFi, ethereum scaling, DAOs, and NFTs. He has built on-chain MEV arbitrage bots pre-EIP1559, contributed to, and is a proud member of Goblin Sax DAO and Ivy League Dao. Outside of crypto, you might catch him playing soccer or eating poke.